Garage! is the new generation of auto's POS

Because all car service centers differ in the nature and their activities. Garage provides all solutions to address all the problems facing business owners. Garage will help you grow faster.

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A genius interface

Smooth interface that starts with receiving the car, then repairing or selecting products, and ending with payments.

Electronic & Paper bills

Three styles of printing Print receipts, PDF, and A4

An inventory management

That helps you to prepare purchase orders and know the remaining quantity by notifying you when it is about to expire

Various reports

To guide your sales and know who your customers are

Welcome screen

A lot of features that help you to make a proper check-in for the client.

Quick data access

Add the car plate number through the camera application.

No need to repeat the process.

If the customer repeats his visit, you will be able to download all his data, including; Billing history

Smooth and easy viewing.

You can search or choose products from the list intelligently and without complication.

Arrange your clients & assign tasks to your employees

By printing job orders, you will be able to define the responsibilities of each employee

Services screen

Where you find everything, you need

Take notes and document with pictures.

In case of apparent leaks or malfunctions on the vehicle, you can record all observations, picture them with the camera, and then verify them with the customer's signature.

The Car checklist is easier.

A checklist that you can add whatever you want from the admin panel.

An automated system between cashier and mechanic.

You don’t need to tell the mechanics what should they do as long as everything appears on the service screen.

Checkout screen

Order your sales and payments through checkout screen

Multiple payments.

With Garage, you can accept more than one payment method, whether by card, cash or electronic payment such as stc pay.

Receipt Printing.

3 Styles of printing. You can print receipt in normal receipt or A4 or PDF.

See who’s more productive.

Choose the name of the technician responsible for maintenance and keep track of all his maintenance history.

Payments on credit.

Be flexible with your customers and provided them with solutions for payment

Multiple discounts.

Discounts are multiple in Garage POS, so you can discount on a full bill or specific items, as well as you can apply promotional offers.


Smooth and easy viewing.


Transactions on a daily basis from all of our customers.


Locations and which branches run smoothly by our customers.


We have at Garage POS more than 45 clients who use our app to control and run their business.


Faster and smoother than the traditional way. By using our app, your efficiency will be increased at least 40% in running your car service center.